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Hanover Theatre

4/35 Wurlitzer

Worcester, MA

This instrument started as a dream of and later became a labor of love for Don Phipps of New Bedford, Massachusetts. 

Retirement in 1990 provided Don with the time to restore and assemble the instrument of his dreams. By 1992, a twelve rank instrument, playable from a temporary church-style console, was installed in Don’s shop.

Thoroughly engrossed in the project, Don decided to “go for broke” with the purchase of a computerized organ control system and the procurement of the largest standard four manual (keyboard) Wurlitzer style console case. Trivo, Inc. also supplied four ranks of Wurlitzer style reed pipes and a Trompette-en-Chamade.

For its new home in the Hanover Center for the Performing Arts, the instrument has been reconfigured to a four manual thirty five rank instrument housed in two chambers - one on each side of the auditorium. 

The installation of the Mighty Wurlitzer in the Hanover Center is the culmination of Don’s dream to see this magnificent instrument installed in a public venue to be enjoyed by many in the years to come.

Visit the Hanover Theatre Mighty Wurlitzer site for much more information about this wonderful organ.

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